Delectable Cakes

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just planning to satisfy your cravings, we have a wide selection of truly rich-flavored cakes that will tickle your sweet tooth.

You might as well celebrate your well-deserved holiday by indulging in the delectable flavors of these heavenly delights which could take you on a pleasurable gastronomic experience.

Chocolate Cake 1
Chocolate Cake 2
Chocolate Cake 3
Vanilla Cake 1
Vanilla Cake 2
Vanilla Cake 3
Pandan Cake 1
Pandan Cake 2
Pandan Cake 3
Fruit Cake 1
Fruit Cake 2

Fruit Cake 3

Blueberry Cake 1
Blueberry Cake 2
Blueberry Cake 3
Kiwi Cake 1
Kiwi Cake 2
Kiwi Cake 3
Peach Cake 1
Peach Cake 2
Peach Cake 3

• Each cake costs 900THB (weighing 2 Ibs)
• Order at least 2 days in advance (Required)
• All prices are tax inclusive